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Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots is an ongoing multidirectional exploration of roots and rhizomes and the documentation of this exploration. I seek to form sympoietic, 'making with', relationships with trees and fungi, and to reframe the way humans relate to and interact with them. Through changing our attitudes towards forests, we can collaborate, advocate for their protection, and safeguard their underlying fungal networks. Only through fostering sustainable relationships with trees, fungi and their surrounding ecosystems, we can continue to co-create. From this rhizomatic research projects emerge artworks, performances, interventions and workshops like fruiting bodies.

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Decaying Thoughts, July 2023


Urban Mycorrhizae, October-November 2023


Human Mycelium, July 2023


Entering the Microscopic World of Fungi, May 2023


Mapping The 'Invisible' Lives of Trees, March 2023


The Pollard Willow, Buitenplaats, March 2023

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