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Urban Mycorrhizae

Urban Mycorrhizae is a growing installation that visualises the connection between trees and fungi, which is invisible to the human eye. Underground in forests, trees are connected by fungal networks, through which they communicate and exchange nutrients. The so-called ‘fungus root’, or mycorrhizal fungi, resemble small white threads and together create vast web-like structures. Using white tencel, a wood-cellulose thread, I attempt to recreate this ‘wood wide web’ overground. By walking underneath Urban Mycorrhizae, we can imagine what is under our feet and the hierarchy between human and fungi is subverted. The work was  exhibited from October 17 until November 12 as a part of the exhibition Re/Generation in Stichting Kunstwerkt.


Urban Mycorrhizae, Schiedam, photo by Eric van Straaten, October-November 2023


Urban Mycorrhizae, Schiedam, October-November 2023

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Urban Mycorrhizae, photo by Eric van Straaten, Schiedam, October-November 2023

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