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Breaking The Surface

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Breaking the Surface is an one-hour changing durational performance performed repeatedly over the course of 8 days in the Student Gallery, Bergen, Norway. Every day I performed with a different "surface", a layer of a material covering the face, that gets slowly peeled, torn or rubbed off during the course of the hour.  I question and wonder what people perceive when they look at me. What is the act of looking and what do we see or project on others? Do people dare to look beyond surface level or do they avert their eyes from my uncomfortable gaze?

Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 19.45.08.png

Breaking the Surface  - glass, May 2022

"I invite you to let your eyes break the surface of my skin, 

Like throwing a stone through a window, 

breaking and shattering 

with the sound of a thousand falling chandeliers,

Revealing what is underneath


Do you find something hidden

past where my surface ends and my depths begin,

when you truly look at me?"

Excerpt from Breaking the Surface


Breaking the Surface  - mirror,

May  2022


Breaking the Surface  - matches,

May  2022


Breaking the Surface  - paper,

May  2022

Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 21.11.24.png

Breaking the Surface  - glass,

May  2022


Breaking the Surface  - tape,

May  2022


Breaking the Surface  - egg shell,

May  2022


Breaking the Surface  - beads,

May  2022


Breaking the Surface  - thumb tacs,

May  2022

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