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Fruiting Bodies of Rhizomatic Research

How can I translate my research in a rhizomatic way?

Rhizomatic Research
Fruiting Bodies

Fruiting Bodies

The research of Putting Down Roots consists of multiple experiments. The outcomes of these experiments are like mushrooms (the fruiting bodies of fungi) popping up above the ground, connected by an underground network of ideas, texts and revelations (Sheldrake, 2020, p.7). 

Rhizomatic Research

My methodology is inspired by the post-structuralist philosophy of Rhizomatic Theory by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. The concept of the ‘rhizome’ is a method of thinking about knowledge as non-linear, non-hierarchical and non-coherent. This concept is modelled after rhizomes in nature, a mass of underground stems such as grass roots of fungal networks. The rhizome is used as a metaphor for a decentralised, networked model of knowledge that is interconnected and constantly evolving. It is used to oppose arborescent thinking, which is tree-like, hierarchical, and linear (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987, pp. 6-7 and 16). 


Drawing of fungi aboveground (fruiting body)

and underground (mycelium), Research Gate


Richard Giblett, 2006-2009 Represented by Galerie Dusseldorf 21. Mycelium Rhizome, 2009 

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