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Collection of abstracted and alienated self portraits

Face me

For me, the face is a canvas for visual experimentation. Face Me is a photo series of self portraits, where I alienated and abstracted my face by sticking various materials to it. These were tiny  things I found lying around my house, such as leftover art supplies, lights, shaving cream, decorations, skewers and aluminum. 

Water expression

I exhibited the photo series in the WDKA building alongside plaster recreations of my face, to which people could stick materials I had provided them to. This way I shared the playfulness I experienced while trying out materials and allowed them to contribute to the final artwork. 


Plaster casts

Now in 2021 I continue to explore the face as a medium. I use colored pigments to dye plaster moulds of my face to create series of distorted faces. 



Throughout my life I have seen many famous museums throughout Europe: the Louvre in Paris, the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. I was inspired to recreate some of the artworks I've seen on myself using face-paint. By choosing male artists and subjects to recreate, I was exploring my own gender expresion and also the relation as a female artist with a female body to a male dominated art history.

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 17.12.40.png

Remake of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Vertumnus, 1589

4v1- Vincent Van Gogh makeup.jpg

Remake of Vincent Van Gogh,
Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, 1887

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 17.12.06.png

Remake of Pablo Picasso
Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée, 1937

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